Monday, July 29, 2013

Foodhunting : Curry mee at Rosie Melaka Sanacks & Desserts

We had another round of 'food tasting' at Rosie's this evening. This time mrH wanted to try their curry mee. So, Rosie's again to complete our iftar tonight. 

-the RM10.90 set meal. Curry mee+ teh tarik + kuih or kurma. We chosed lepat pisang for d kuih.  

I Love their teh tarik. Exactly like what I'd requested. Less sweet. The other day hubby mentioned that it's very similar to teh tarik bengali. I never heard of that.  Teh tarik mamak tu biasala. But 1 thing for sure, the teh is perfeaste to my liking. Same goes  to the lepat pisang. Well balanced with its creamy texture and sweetness.  It would be better if they put grated coconut in it. The curry mee is also yummy with its thicked  curry soup. For RM 10.90, it's surely value  for money.

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