Monday, July 29, 2013

Foodhunting : Curry mee at Rosie Melaka Sanacks & Desserts

We had another round of 'food tasting' at Rosie's this evening. This time mrH wanted to try their curry mee. So, Rosie's again to complete our iftar tonight. 

-the RM10.90 set meal. Curry mee+ teh tarik + kuih or kurma. We chosed lepat pisang for d kuih.  

I Love their teh tarik. Exactly like what I'd requested. Less sweet. The other day hubby mentioned that it's very similar to teh tarik bengali. I never heard of that.  Teh tarik mamak tu biasala. But 1 thing for sure, the teh is perfeaste to my liking. Same goes  to the lepat pisang. Well balanced with its creamy texture and sweetness.  It would be better if they put grated coconut in it. The curry mee is also yummy with its thicked  curry soup. For RM 10.90, it's surely value  for money.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Foodhunting: Asam laksa & teh tarik at Rosie Malacca Snacks & Desserts Subang Parade

Salam , dapur tuan rumah dah lama tak berasap...Hehehe. Sebenarnya bukan x berasap langsung, cumanya masak yg simple2 je. Lagi pun skrg pakai instagram je upload gambar.  Senang byk klu nak compare dgn blog. Btw, me n hubby berbuka kat luar last thursday. Kononnya nak shopping, tp apa pun tak beli. Kami pi subang parade.  Time berbuka ingat nak pi kat Sari Ratu. Dorang xde ala carte lak. So we decided to go to nando's. Full house. Pi kenny rogers. Full house gak. At last pi mcd. After mcd ingat nak terus balik, nampak lak makan place masa otw to lift lobby. We decided to have set asam laksa + teh tarik + pulut sambal. Padahal mkn mcd tadi dah kenyang. Mentekedarah betul. Mujur order 1 set je. Harga rm 10.90. mrH suka laksa ni. mujur dia tsk jumpa tulang ikan. Klu tak confirm aku kena mkn sorang2. 

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Dhillo food hunting: Restoran Seri TTDI, shah alam

Had these for our (me n areju) late dinner last night. Super hungry after groceries shopping @Tesco shah alam.
Bihun kung fu for areju.

Nasi paprika for super hungry me😉
Their samba belacan is to die for. If I come with my abah, he will have at least 2 servings of it. But for last nite, it was a bit salty for my taste.
Overall, the both bihun kungfu and padprik were taste good as usual.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Healthy Eating la konon...

Salam 1Malaysia! Chewah!!! Dah berabuk rumah ni kena tinggal lama.
Meh tuan rumah nak jamu buah..

Too busy with so many things.. (read too lazy!). Byk benda sebenarnya nak share kat this blog. Tp selalu tak sempat nak update. Lagi pulak most of the time kena guna tab yg susahnya bila nak guna utk update blog.
Will try to update more often after this!!!

BTW, this was what i bought last weekend for 1 week fruits supply at home. Actually, they were more. But that were what left during the "photo session". Hehehe!