Sunday, August 02, 2009

Makan2: Villamay, Shah Alam

This event took place more than 1 month ago.. to be exact it was on 17 June. I've attended a dinner at Villamay Shah Alam (refer to my post here). Only tonight i'am able to upload photos taken during the dinner. Please forgive me for poor quality of the photos since i used my n73. I wish i'd bring my d60 klu tahu tempat ni so gorgeous.
The table setting.. roses in the center as well as roses petals spread on the table..sangat romantik!!
Salah satu food counter.. kat sini ada soup & rolls.
Soup sangat best.. rolls super soft.
Aku jugak amik pasta, satay, fish fillet in cream.

I had pasta again for the second round together with grill lamb.
For desert, they serves cupcakes, tarts, tiramisu and fruitcuts. Ada jugak yg lain tp aku tak amik.
To end my dinner, I had this scrumptious bread pudding.

Lepas tu ada karaoke.. semua kena nyanyi. Itu big boss kitaorang duet with head of division aku.

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