Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Food hunting: Selera Johor at Plaza Larkin

We went back to hubby's hometown end of July. If i'm not mistaken the last time we went back was during Chinese New Year.. lama betul rasanya. Aku xcited nak balik jb not only got to see my in-laws but also to have johor's food b4 puasa begin. Since hubby had no programme during that weekend, we agreed to had balik kampung trip. i applied for leave on monday to prolonged our balik kg trip.
After submitting my leave i had chit-chat with my boss and he told me to go to selera johor if i wanted to find johor's specialties. He even drew me a simple map on how to get there!
This is Selera Johor. It is adjacent to Plaza Larkin and very near to Larkin Bus Station. The food are heaven.. all stalls are selling johor specialties or food commonly found in Johor. Ada mee bandung, mee rebus, rojak asma etc.

We went there on Saturday (July 25, 09) lepas amik Aish & Ira.
Aish digging into his mee rebus while hubby into lai-chi kang.

Hj Kacang pool- my all time favourite!

Rojak Asma - hubby's fav.

Mee bandung - tak ingat sapa punya. Hubby kut?
Tak best sgt kuah dia..
So, lepas ni klu nak makan pegi je kat Selera Johor.


Ahmad Albab said...

Sekarang ni kalau nak tau tentang aktiviti-aktiviti kat Plaza Larkin bolehlah check kat

Asam pedas dgn nasi ayam penyet tak try ke?

rapheydhillo said...

ahmad albab,
thx for visiting. Sy dah masuk blog tu.. nanti balik raya boleh pegi sana.

BTW, blm sempat rasa semua tu.. nanti next visit boleh try.