Monday, March 09, 2009

Kuih Karas

This is kuih karas.. which is very famous at the northern region.
Ini mak ndak aku yg bagi masa pi rumah dia ahad last week.

Mmg best! Rangup.. tak berapa manis. Klu nak beli ni kena hati2 sikit. Bukannya apa, takut terbeli yg dah lama.. yg dah perat. Masti tak best.
I found the recipe here
Aku copy-paste kat sini..
480g Rice Flour
400g Sugar
560g Hot Water
2 ladles Cooking Oil
Dissolve sugar in hot water. Add hot syrup into Rice Flour gradually to get a smooth, thick batter. Leave at room temperature for 20 - 30 minutes.
Heat oil in frying pan. Pour some batter into a kuih karas mould and move it in a circular motion to form a thin, lacy pancake in the hot oil.
When the colour turns golden brown, fold it into half and let it cool in a plate.
This recipe can prepare 8 - 10 pieces of Kuih Karas (diameter 150mm).
Kat bawah ni ada tunjuk cara2 nak buat kuih ni..

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