Thursday, January 20, 2011

Port Weld's Tiger Prawn in Butter Sauce

Upload gambar dulu.. story nanti yek!

Cooked this last week. Baru realised aju bawak balik udang ni from Taiping. Here is the recipe

Port Weld Tiger Prawn in butter sauce (copied from my fb)
The recipe:
- For prawn (any size, mine is super-size!)
Sprinkle prawn with crushed black peper & salt (sikit je)
Panas kan minyak with about 1 tablespoon butter (in high flame)
Goreng d prawn sampai masak.. crispy ouside, juicy inside
Transfer into plate
- For butter sauce
Saute sliced onion, add chopped garlic, sliced cili padi & curry leaves
Add 1/2 cup water & 1 1/2 tbspoon oyster sauce- let it simmer
add 1/4 cup fresh/evaporated milk (maybe more klu suka lagi creamy)
Bila dah pekat sikit boleh letak garam (mine was not so thick), stir well & pour atas udang tu
Bon Appetit!

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